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14th February, Lunch with Nativel Preciado

Nativel Preciado began as a journalist in “Madrid’s newspaper”. She has worked in multiple media, radio and television programs. She was a parliamentary chronicler during the transition. Some of her works related to that political stage have been published, for example Memoria de la Transición (1996) and Los cronistas de la Constitución (2004). She is…


FP Madrid – Monday 8th october 2018 – With Paloma Hinojosa

Féminin Pluriel Madrid is glad to invite you to a private guided exposition of the well-knwon artist Paloma Hinojosa, who is considered as one of the pioneers of Spanish neo-impressionist art. Join us, get emotional and inspired while exploring this colorful language. The activity will take place the 8th of October at 2pm in Serrano…