Key figures

Founded: 1992

Regional development: 2011

International development: 2012

Number of local clubs: 12

Maximum members per club: 100


Together, We do better:

To help women to pursue their ambitions

To open leadership opportunities for women

To develop businesses

To nurture human relationships

To contribute to a richer international understanding


They are part of an influential women’s global network.

Their members are accomplished leaders in a wide venue of fields.

They are non-profit organizations according to the law of their home country.

A board made of at least 4 charter members manages

them: President; Vice President; Treasurer; Secretary.

They have signed up the FP Charter.

The International Management Committee

It is the authority that determines, under its president’s leadership, the strategy and the development of the international network.

It encourages the creation of clubs and watches over the respect for the charter.

What you need ?

You are an active, open-minded woman.

You are connected to women who share the joy of building rewarding professional and personnal relationships.

You are willing to invest time in building a community that share the same aspirations.


What we give ?

We are used to share our know how thanks to 20 years of experience:

-> We provide all the required elements/documents to start a club,

-> We assist you during the whole process of implementation.


Please contact directly the International Management Committee at:

Who can join us ?

You are an active, open-minded woman.

You are a key decision maker involved in your business.

You are sensitive to women’s achievements.

You are willing to connect with peers.

-> You already know a member of your FP local club ask her to sponsor you.

-> You don’t know any member; please contact the club you are interested in.

3 steps to become a member

1 Submit a full application for membership together with a letter of motivation.

2 To be able to attend one to two monthly events before becoming a member.

3 Receive your welcome package from the board.

To become a full member, boards have to accept your application and you have to have paid your entrance and annual fees.

What are the fees ?

Each local clubs determines the amounts of the entrance and annual fees.


A lunch or dinner is organized around a particular theme.

A guest of honor is invited to preside over.

Members are allowed to have the lady of their choice invited to the events.

At least twice a year, events are “between members” only.



A local club hosts an international event inviting members only from all over the world.


Private events

Thanks to our partners, our members benefit from privileged events: exhibitions, concerts, and trips.

More questions? Please contact us

To whom is it for ?

Members only.

This space is called “To Network” and is  FP own social network.

You will have to:

– Enter your personal data;

– Update your profile when needed;

– Inform of your fields of expertise.


What is it for ?

You will be able to:

  • Get in touch with FP members from  your own club as well as all members from all over the world
  • Post news
  • Share discussions
  • Look for information/help

How to access ?

Login in the “To Network” space with your personnal password.

Your password will be given to you ….

More questions? Please contact us