Féminin Pluriel

Féminin Pluriel was launched in 1992 with the Paris based club created by Beatrice Lanson Villat.

Today Féminin Pluriel has become an international network and continues to grow in large cities around the globe.

Each club is a non-profit organization.

FP Global or FPG is the Federation that oversees these clubs and manages the network. It is chaired by Beatrice Lanson-Villat,  Marianne de Souza and an Executive Committee.


FPG aims to ensure the coordination between existing clubs as well as the development, and implementation of new clubs. FPG runs the marketing and international communication strategy, boost the awareness and organizes annual global events.


FPG guarantees and fosters the values and best practices of the clubs:

  • Connect women in high profile positions to help them grow their business locally and within the global network
  • Provide a resource platform for members to share experiences, connect, interact, and increase professional and personal opportunities
  • Create events, meetings and conferences on various topics to provide a source of personal growth and inspiration
  • Help the youngest members to evolve in their careers, favor mentoring and access to a network they would not have otherwise
  • Promote the image of women, as well as their role and influence in business


The main objective remains professional, however friendship and support for charitable and humanitarian causes in favor of women and children are important to us.


Féminin Pluriel women stand for empowerment, generosity and action.

“We know that together we can do more and better”


We welcome influential women who radiate through their professional skills, mind openness and courage, but also for the values they cherish and share: empathy, simplicity, philanthropy and mutual support.


Our members enjoy gathering with friends and peers, sharing, learning from each other, giving and receiving.


In all countries, admission committees carefully select candidates introduced by a sponsor. They pay particular attention to personal qualities. They value the diversity of profiles, generations and backgrounds to make relations between members a source of personal growth and inspiration.


Local clubs organize meetings and events favoring networking and interactions based on trust.


Once a year, an international conference takes place in a different country, bringing together Presidents, members of the Office and members of all clubs.


“Feminin Pluriel” means “female” and “plural”, a symbol which reflects our mission. We offer tools to facilitate networking locally and between clubs: A website giving access to the international network, monthly lunches/ dinners, international meetings and VIP events. We believe that these multiples opportunities to network are major assets of our organization.


Every day, FP expands and grows internationally. Our utmost mission is to increase the professional and personal influence of all the generations of women who connect and value each other through Féminin Pluriel.

Board Members
Alexandra Humbel Origet


Béril Gurdogan


Valentina Coco Treasurer
Valentina Coco



Féminin Pluriel
78 avenue Raymond Poincaré
75116 Paris | France