Féminin Pluriel Madrid is glad to invite you to a private guided exposition of the well-knwon artist Paloma Hinojosa, who is considered as one of the pioneers of Spanish neo-impressionist art.

Join us, get emotional and inspired while exploring this colorful language. The activity will take place the 8th of October at 2pm in Serrano 138. All members are welcome, as so member’s friends who are interested in attending and joining our club.


Latest expositions of Paloma Hinojosa:

2013: Paris, Colette Dubois Gallery

2011: Madrid, Casa de Vacas

2009: Paris, Colette Dubois Gallery

2008: Madrid, Paloma Hinojosa Presentation Book, Gallery Kreisler

San francisco California. Gallery 444

Paris, Colette Dubois Gallery

Salt Lake City, Utah. Thomas Anthony Gallery


Have an inshight of Paloma Hinojosa’s art by clicking on the following link : http://palomahinojosa.com/