Féminin Pluriel

The global woman network

Féminin Pluriel Global

Féminin Pluriel Global or FPG is the Federation that oversees the different Feminin Pluriel clubs and manages the network. It is chaired by Beatrice Lanson-Villat,  Marianne de Souza and an Executive Committee.

Féminin Pluriel women stand for empowerment, generosity and action.

We know that together we can do more and better

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FP Clubs

Clubs all over the world

Féminin Pluriel has been set up in Paris in 1992 and spread over in Europe – Paris, London, Roma, Madrid, Geneva, Brussels, Luxembourg, Hamburg, Beirut, in India, In UEA and in France : Côte d’azur, Languedoc-Roussillon, Nord et Côte Basque.

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