In response to the ongoing sanitary crisis, many governments have enforced emergency measures.
We at Féminin Pluriel have taken all necessary steps to contribute as much as we can  ensure the safety of our community as well as a swift continuity of our communication.
Note that most events published on this page are cancelled or postponed.
Instead, series of online meetings are now available, please check with local clubs.
Let us stay healthy and connected. Together, we are stronger.

Féminin Pluriel is a non-profit organization, launched in 1992 in Paris by Beatrice Lanson Villat.

“Feminin Pluriel” means “female” and “plural”, a symbol which reflects our purpose,
which is to increase the professional and personal influence of women of all generations and profiles.

Club events

Global events

International Congress Féminin Pluriel Global, Amsterdam

Every year a selected Féminin Pluriel Club organizes the annual FP Global Congress that gathers more than 150 high-profile women from across the world. These are unique occasions for the community to meet, connect, exchange, and learn.   Please join us from 6 – 8 November 2020 in Amsterdam for a weekend dedicated to exploring The Impact…

International Congress Féminin Pluriel Global 14th to 16th June 2019, Geneva

Cats have 9 lives, so do women…  How to reinvent ourselves? Meeting with extraordinary women at our events made us realize how much our changing professional environment obliged us to learn flexibility. We all need, at some point, to reinvent ourselves, and sometimes even more than once. What are our choices? How to embrace our destiny…