Feminin Pluriel Global and Feminin Pluriel Clubs around the world regularly host both virtual and in-person events. 
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11th May 2017, private visit of Villa Leïhorra with FP Côte Basque

FP Côte Basque invites you to a privileged visit of the VILLA LEÏHORRA dating from 1926, thousandth listed Historical Monument of the XXth century. “I have stretched ropes from bell-tower, winding window garlands, star-to-star gold chains and dancing.” (Arthur Rimbaud). Between sea and mountains, Ciboure or the charm of a small seaside resort nestled in…


14th February, Lunch with Nativel Preciado

Nativel Preciado began as a journalist in “Madrid’s newspaper”. She has worked in multiple media, radio and television programs. She was a parliamentary chronicler during the transition. Some of her works related to that political stage have been published, for example Memoria de la Transición (1996) and Los cronistas de la Constitución (2004). She is…


25 avril 2017 Déjeuner Féminin Pluriel Genève

      Féminin Pluriel Genève accueille Jean-François Roland, le mardi 25 avril 2017 à l’hôtel Richemont, Jardin Brunswick, Rue Adhémar-Fabri 8-10, 1201 Genève de 12h00 à 14h00 L’actualité montre que notre quotidien est ponctué de situations complexes, sensibles et dangereuses. Face à ces menaces, nous essayons tous dans la mesure du possible de nous…