By Diana Palomba, Lawyer and President of Feminin Pluriel Rome


In time of confinement, children’s elementary rights have been put on the backburner, due to the public health emergency. However, some questions related to their basic physical and emotional health have not been answered yet. Féminin Pluriel Rome, in association with Le Contemporane,  challenge the authorities to pay attention and bring clarity. Our children are our future.

Manifesto for Children


According to the International Unicef Convention on Children’s rights, every decision taken from Government has an impact on children more than on anyone else.


At the Coronavirus’s time, where personal rights have been waived in the interest of the common health, this is even more important.


Children’ point of view must be taken into consideration even though they do not have Unions to represent them.


According to the WHO (World Health Organization), during this emergency, children have the right to an hour of exercise per day. Not to mention that their social relationships have been totally sacrificed.


Our Government has not yet clarified what they can or cannot do, according to, for example, their family situation, or if they are leaving in a city or in the countryside.


One thing we clearly understood, schools will not open again, even if there is a total lack of information on this. That is why it is even more important to offer them a decent life perspective, whatever will be and to send them a clear message on their near future.


The Confinement might last months, that is why we need to think to children as our most important resource to invest in, they are our future.