Roberta Pacciani is Manager Contracting and Procurement for Technology in Shell. She and
her team commercialize the technology solutions that Shell scientists, researchers and
engineers develop to improve the efficiency of Shell products, processes and operations for the
transition to a low-carbon energy future.

She is a chemical engineer herself with a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of
Cambridge, and she has a decade’s experience in developing commercial technology solutions
for the energy industry.
What she loves about technology is three things:  it provides sustainable energy resources for
the world’s growing needs; it is about challenging yourself to solve complex problems and make
the impossible possible; and it is about doing this with people from very different backgrounds,
ways of thinking and personal goals.
Roberta has embraced her passion for sustainability and people throughout her personal and
professional life.

She firmly believes that gender balance is key for reaching outstanding business results; it is not
a women’s issue, but an opportunity for all of us.
She leads the gender balance network in Shell Netherlands, “WE in Shell”. The network
welcomes both men and women, has some 2300 members across the country and 70 active
volunteers. Together they engage their community on the case for gender balance, they
influence their senior decision makers on what is needed to embed gender balance in our ways
of working, and they grow the skills of their members with a portfolio of more than 40 yearly
learning and networking events.
Roberta lives in Amsterdam with her 6-year-old son Lionel. She loves cooking, reading Italian
novels, and sports, especially those who bring her close to nature and other cultures; she is a
keen scuba diver, capoerista and Ashtanga yoga practitioner.