Turn your knowledge and passion into a bestseller, with celebrated American author of ``Precious Little Sleep`` Alexis Dubief

Do you have a topic that you are so passionate about that you could talk about it all the time? Or even better, that you would love to write a best seller book about to share with the world?


Writing non fiction fiction books has always being fascinatig for us at Feminin Pluriel Zurich. On Wednesday October 7th, Alexis Dubief, author of Precious Little Sleep (the complte baby sleep guide for modern parents), will share with us her journey transforming her passion (and need to gather knowledge) on baby sleep to a best selling book and loyal online community.

Join us for an afterwork virtual drink of your choice, at 5:30pm, to learn from Alexis’ journey and get inspired.

Alexis Dubief gave birth to her first child in 2006 and quickly realized that sleep – or a lack thereof – was suddenly the bane of her existence. Yet no book, website, or community seemed to have ready answers. Figuring that “this shouldn’t be so hard,” she spent the next five years researching and analyzing infant and child sleep. Combining scientific evidence with insights gleaned from working with thousands of families , she founded the Precious Little Sleep blog/ podcast in 2011, and in just a few short years, this passion project meant to demystify baby sleep blossomed into a popular online destination for sleep and a best selling book. Dubief holds a Master of Finance and an MBA from the University of Colorado . A trail runner and Spartan racer , she writes and rabble rouses near Burlington , VT, with her husband and their two boys who are growing up faster than she would like.

To join please contact: aoriget@femininpluriel.org