November , 21st , 2019 at 7 pm Venue : Quai des Pontis, in Cognac

« How to give an enterprise a new sense of direction » by Elena Cognasso, President of CLE Global Consulting & Auditing SAS

Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) is the process of strategic planning based on shared values and ethics, that places the key stakeholders at the centre of an enterprise’s strategic development, thus reducing the divergence between humanity and environment

Elena Cognasso, has developed over her long career, a vast number of key skills both technical and managerial: as General Director of Dekra Certification FRANCE, International Director for Southern Europe for Dekra Zertifizierung GmbH, General Secretary for the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Paris, General Director of the Turinois Group in the automobile sector. Upon her return to France in 2013, she created CLE Global Consulting & Auditing, specialized in consulting and training in the different areas around CSR such as sustainability, new energies, carbon path, excellence and ethics at both national and international levels. Her passion and commitment remains focused on the key social and environmental issues

The whole Club Féminin Pluriel Nouvelle Aquitaine is looking forward the pleasure of welcoming you in Cognac at this occasion