As we just passed International Day of the Girl, we are proud to welcome Simi Singh. At 13, she’s a co-founder of, a teacher at goTech and the youngest ambassador at Swiss Cognitives. She is also associated with the ‘Trust in Robots’ research at ETH Zürich. All this, in addition to being a regular gymnasium student attending grade 8.

In her own words: ” Hi, my name is Simi and I go to the Grammar school in Switzerland in sdt 8. I have a passion for solving complex problems. I grew up making puzzles (10000 pieces), legos, robots, and coding.

During COVID times, I completed 2 Udacity nano-degrees and became proficient programmer. I love to inspire other people in the world of digital technology, especially girls my age group. I co-founded  to make coding fashionable for girls and to create a community of like-minded kids in Switzerland. We also give live experience on Impact projects to young students as a basis to apply their knowledge and bring purpose. Our current projects are in Italy and India.

I also love robots and programmed many of them like Nao from SoftBank. Now I am an intern experimenting “Trust in Robots” at ETH University.

I am proud to be SwissCognitives Youngest Ambassador. And I also volunteer as a co-Teacher at go-Tech, Schaffausen. In my free time, I like to do horseback riding and shooting since I am part of a local shooting community. My interests also include    math and statistics. I have competed in math olympiads and learned about statistics and probability theory.”

Simi will share her insights about how she sees the future, diversity, inclusion, and eventually what we can do to support young girls in their journey.