Didy Michels van der Schilden, CAIA is a co-founder of the asset management company Mpartners. The investment approach of Mpartners is to invest in a long term, sustainable manner with a strong value focus. The key message of the company is to help people realise that how we collectively invest our money will be the key determinant of our future – ‘investing creates the future, what future are you creating?’. To assist in this Mpartners measures the impact of the investment portfolio with regards to the sustainable development goals. A special focus is given to SDG 5 – gender equality – as this is seen as a gateway to all the other SDG’s.

Prior to Mpartners, Didy was a director at Insinger de Beaufort managing the investment advisory team.

Didy has a particular focus on helping women take control of their financial lives, so that they can help the world to invest more consciously.

In addition, Didy is a co-founder of the foundation Alternatives4children which aims to improve the well being of children, particularly in terms of education.