We launched the Féminin Pluriel Awards in 2018 to express our gratitude to Women who inspire us by their talent, their boldness, and their engagement.  Elodie Attias received the Féminin Pluriel Award 2018 during a ceremony at the Little Beach House, Los Angeles. The trophy was remitted by Jessica Matoua, General Secretary of Féminin Pluriel Paris, in the name of Féminin Pluriel Global.

Author, screenwriter, born and raised in Paris, Elodie wrote her first book, a memoir, “La Carte Chance” (The Lucky Card) published by the prestigious JC Lattès, about her fight against bone cancer at age 23 and how the U.S. Green Card Lottery saved her life. Through her own experiences, and her new book “We are Heroes”, Elodie hopes she can help others instill self-belief. In her new book “We are Heroes”, Elodie hopes she can help others instill self-belief. Elodie sets out to inspire others to be their own hero and heal their past. Through steps that she learned throughout her life, she lays down the map of how to connect with one’s intuition, heal the past and live in a blissful state. The book takes the reader on a straight forward spiritual journey to find his or her authentic self and purpose in this lifetime. Tools are provided on how to stay present and develop your intuition, and most importantly, change the negative thought patterns that block your dreams. It is a must read for anyone wanting to connect with their authentic self and unleash the hero within.

Elodie now lives in Los Angeles. Following the success of her book in France, Elodie was called to Hollywood to write the screenplay of her memoir and make a movie about her life. She finds that writing books and screenplays, allow her to combine her passions for art and spirituality while helping make the world a better place.