More women of boards? Easier said than done. Like thousands of skilled and experienced female leader, you may be qualified to bring your expertise to the table.  Are you ready?  Do you have the skillset, the mindset, the network and the support to take this leap? Please join the conversation with our special guests, Dominique Faesch, President of the Cercle Suisse des Administratrices and Clarissa de Grancy, Managing Partner WOMEN’S BOARDWAY – German Association for  Frauen in Führungspositionen mbH (Women in Leadership Positions). As experts of these question in Switzerland and Germany, Dominique and Clarissa will answer the questions of our moderator Pavel Jakovlev, Managing Partner at ANCORE Strategy and advocate of women’s rights in the workplace.


Dominique Faesch

Dominique holds an MBA from Sherbrooke University and is a graduate from EHL, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. She has held senior positions for more than 25 years primarily in Asia, North and South America, France and Morocco for Hyatt Hotels, Crowne Plaza and Hotelplan.


When she returned to Switzerland, she taught at EHL as a Professor in Marketing and International Tourism, before joining a regional association in charge of economic development and strategic projects, in close collaboration with the canton of Vaud.


Today Dominique is president of The Cercle Suisse des Administratrices, engaged in promoting women board members at non executive board levels. As an expert in project management she also collaborates with the private foundation Aide Suisse à la Montagne in analyzing funding requests.



Clarissa de Grancy


I’m asked from time to time why we don’t just offer pure training knowledge alongside WBW’s corporate governance formats, which are preceded by a complex matching process.


This is because I focus on new forms of learning and also want leaders who come to us to be able to take away more for themselves from our formats than just factual knowledge that they could read about anywhere or acquire via relevant online tutorials.


Supervisory board training courses focusing on the classic triad of “rights, duties, liability issues” are suitable for deepening specialist knowledge. Leadership and corporate governance have long since rounded out the curriculum. And that’s great.


The problem: “A certificate does not make a mandate. Most people are familiar with this saying, but one’s own desire is – sometimes – blind. If it is only big enough, a training course is enough to nourish the hope that a potential appointment is just around the corner.



Pavel Jakovlev


Managing Partner, Pavel is the driving force behind Ancore. Passionate about growth and innovation, he has extensive experience of working with start-up and scale-up founders, taking them to the next level. Among his key skills are strategy setting, investor relations and demand generation.

Throughout his career, Pavel has continually pushed himself to be his most creative self, and he loves exploring new frontiers. With excellent communication skills, he has an aptitude for fostering and maintaining meaningful relationships with a wide variety of incredible individuals.