Féminin Pluriel Amsterdam is delighted to invite you to a workshop with Catheleyne Everwijn-van Erp, who aims to empower women with the latest insights from neuro-science and quantum physics.
Ever thought about applying quantum physics to realise your goals and dreams?
Modern life can bring different kind of challenges and we try to do it all – manage families, jobs, friends and maybe even our own wellbeing. Sometimes this can be overwhelming. Imagine you could use Quantum Physics to gain further insight and to provide solutions to all kind of challenges that you face. This is exactly what Catheleyne Everwijn-van Erp does. She believes that everything is energy and by getting your own energy coherent in brain, heart and body, your energy will work as a magnet in your life.

Catheleyne studied Classical Violin, Bankruptcy Law and Economics before working as a sales director in the International Banking Sector at Deutsche, Merrill Lynch and BlackRock. In 2012 she started her own company Ferrera in Blue, where she can express her creativity and business insights. She is an autodidact and from a young age she showed interest in Einstein and the science behind “energy”. Over the years, she devoted her time next to her business on studying quantum physics and neuro-science at Quantum University Hawaii. Based on this knowledge and experience she is coaching companies and private people with great results. She is an inspirator and frequently asked speaker.

On this special occasion, Catheleyne will share the latest insights in neuro-science and quantum physics, e.g. how to train your brain, how to use your energy and how to make a quantum jump in order not to only empower yourself but moreover to empower each other. She will educate us on the latest scientific proven insights, from which we can learn how to adapt our own lives in order to start realizing our goals and dreams.

We will welcome Catheleyne Everwijn-van Erp at the Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam on Wednesday, May 23rd 2018 at 6.30 pm. Her interesting presentation will be followed by drinks and canapes.