Feminin Pluriel Côte d’Azur receives André QUADERI for a meeting on the theme: Are we sick of our emotions?

From neuroscience we will talk about the path of our emotions and more precisely of fear.

The different facets of this primitive emotion in the modern world (stress, anxiety, sense of illegitimacy, insecurity, negative cognitions about oneself and the world) are questioned from both clinical and psychopathological angles.

Are we actually less sick of our thoughts as we have believed with psychoanalysis and more of our emotions and especially fear?

Professor André Quaderi will present in concrete cases the path of emotions in our brain that can lead to feelings of irrational insecurity or even loss of reality. University professor at UNSA in clinical psychopathology, author of several books including approaches to care, he is also psychotherapist EMDR. Present as a volunteer on July 15, he is very involved in the training of the speakers in the field of psycho traumatism.

Date and time: Friday, November 17, 2017 from 19h

Location: Belles Rives Hotel, 33 Boulevard Edouard Baudoin, Juan-Les-Pins

Price: 55 € (members) – 65 € (invited)

Online Booking / Payment: weezevent