FP Amsterdam welcomes Antoinette Vonder Muehll

In 1833, Princess Marianne of Prussia asked Prussian women to give their gold in order to fund the war against Napoleon Boanaparte. In exchange, they received an iron brooch or ring with the inscription ‘Gold gab für Eisen’ (Gold I gave for iron).

Antoinette Vonder Mühll is a jewellery and object designer based in Amsterdam. Her work focuses on communication, intertwined with linguistic and historical contexts. Her conceptual approach results in pieces that provoke a resonance of meaning and interpretation. For Iron I Gave Gold, her latest art project, is not only a proposition but wants to question, reconsider and provoke the ambiguity of contemporary values in our society linked to the exploit of child labor in the gold mining industry.


Date and time: Tuesday, May 9th 2017, 18.30

Place: Pulitzer Amsterdam, Prinsengracht 315-331, 1016 GZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands