Plural feminine, the global women network, is delighted to welcome Frances-Marie Uitti, called the world’s most influential avant-garde cellist.

Frances-Marie will tell us about her work and how it works. With her, we will explore the importance and ways of finding one’s unique voice. A travelogue through her mind, music, and inventions.


The spectacularly gifted cellist Frances-Marie Uitti has made a career out of demolishing musical boundaries. She has developed new techniques, and is one of the most popular artists in the world. the planet. “

– The Washington Post

Tom Service, music critic for the Guardian newspaper, recently called her “arguably the world’s most influential avant-garde cellist.”

Frances-Marie Uitti also founded the Bhutan Music Foundation which supports traditional music from Bhutan, music education inside of Bhutan, and various outreach programs. The BMF awards 22 scholarships every year to children. The Prins Claus Foundation awarded a grant to further outreach programs in the local schools in Thimphu.


We will welcome Frances-Marie Uitti at the  Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam on Tuesday, January 30th 2018 . Her interesting presentation will be followed by drinks and canapes.