Have you ever attended a presentation where you have been shamelessly texting friends, checking sport results or were simply dying out of boredom because the speaker did not grab nor retain your attention?
Presentations are both, lethal or vital. It can kill a project or propel your Start Up to the top. Despite common belief, no one is a natural speaker! This is a skill that can be learned by all. Yes! even the most introvert can impact positively an audience.
You will take away the 6 easy steps to create an efficient presentation that gets results.
• Understand who you are talking to and shorten your preparation time
• Plan your impact
• Create your message
• Use persuasive speech structure(ideal for Pitch)
• Craft a powerful introduction and end statement
• Make it Zoom friendly
Cécile Bastien Remy is a speech coach and award winning TEDx Speaker.
Her mission is to become the preferred ally of professionals, leaders and change-makers so they can influence, impact and inspire to make the world a better place…all that by speaking and connecting better with their audience.
She is making her clients ready to speak in front of an audience of one or thousands.
 Cécile works with corporations, universities, and professionals. She is dedicated to helping her clients become the speaker they want to be to inspire the change they want to see.