Féminin PLuriel Genève welcomes Jeanne Bordeau :

Writing and words accompany Jeanne Bordeau since her beginnings. After studying storytelling in the United States, she became literary critic at Le Figaro before heading a European publishing house, Events Media. She launched her own project, Talents et Compagnie, a communication agency that values ​​business language. For the world leader in electrics products and systems, she hired seven renowned writers including Philippe Sollers Amélie Nothomb, Marc Lambron and Yann Queffélec, who celebrate the changes brought by electricity. Today, the” Institute for the Quality of Expression” brings together twenty people including a linguist, an historian and a grammar PHD, who work on themes such as suffering at work. Jeanne Bordeau has set up internal schools for customers such as SNCF, La Poste, Allianz or EDF, and helped Air France, Renault and Crédit Agricole leaders to build a “semantic charter”, ie to identify the the brand voice to develop their communication strategy. It thus created an online school of language proficiency for SNCF, “a little like a workshop of Haute-Culture”. This “stylist in language” also produces paintings, which resemble collages whose source material are words from the media. These paintings are now exhibited all over the world


Thusday, 21 March 2017, 12h00, Hôtel Richemond Rue Adhemar-Fabri, 8-10, Genf, Schweiz