“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment” by Catheleyne Ewerwijn.

About this Event

Unprecedented times, ask for unconventional actions
During this interactive session, Catheleyne & Elizabeth will therefore engage you, inspire you, motivate you and most of all make sure you value yourself after this energetic hour.
They will touch upon the importance of values and family, the importance of knowing your own worth, and last but not least will challenge you to take a rewarding deep dive in your own personal life. Oh… and before we forget… we also have some special gift for you. So, make sure you sign-up and spread the word to make sure all wonderful ladies from Feminin Pluriel are present, Because… we are one special family.Understanding and learning how to change the behavior of people in a positive way, she set-up her business as a Quantum Performance Master. Over the years, she is a frequently-asked speaker and has had the privilege to work closely with people and organizations, e.g. Nike, Schiphol, Achmea, and ING with the aim to create a better, sustainable place where humans live in good health and balance with each other. In a rapidly changing world where over 30% op the world’s population lives in solitude, where over 30% of the population suffers from stress-related disorders, where people in businesses feel insecure about their future within the current digital revolution, Catheleyne brings not only knowledge, guidance and inspiration, but more importantly lasting solutions. The Digital Revolution is about technology, but the transformation is about people and motivating teams to change their state of mind, body, and energy. As Nelson Mandela correctly stated: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
Catheleyne Ewerwijn studied Classical Violin, Bankruptcy Law and Economics before working in the International Banking Sector. Having worked in the banking industry as a Director Benelux for BlackRock, Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank, she left the banking sector in order to pursue her career in the field of neuroscience and quantum physics(having studied at Quantum University).
Let’s connect and engage with each other this 26th of November, after all… IT IS THANKSGIVING!