FP Zürich welcomes the LinkedIn and Personal Branding Expert Stephanie Obry

About this Event

Own your brand and tell your story on LinkedIn
How do I find the right people to connect on LinkedIn – and maintain this connection?
How will I ever get the 500+? How many of my connections do I actually know? OR, How much of my ”professional story” can/must I show?
There are more than 7 million people using LinkedIn today.
When asking; “How well do you know the platform?”,
the above counter questions frequently appear.
For this reason, I train sales teams and business professionals to build conclusive online profiles, with a personalized message and individual story.
I believe in clear communication.
Transmitting a message is one of the oldest ways to bring together people, services and products. Working in different industries for more than a decade and communicating ‘stories’, I learned and applied the concepts of social selling and personalized communication. A clear message will open the door to strong and sustainable business relationships.
Originally from Germany, my love for languages and travel brought me to Switzerland, where I also started my professional career. Especially today, when we process more and more information in less and less time, it is vital to get a clear picture on what is important for us and what message we want to send.
What is the message you want to send?