For many of us, our relationship with money isn’t where it should be. Some of us don’t respect it or we try to hide from it. Others use it to hold power over others or take crazy risks. And some see it as a solution for personal issues and fears or are waiting for some miracle to happen to rescue them from their financial difficulties.

Our relationship with money shows up in every aspect of our lives – at home, in our relationships and in business – and having a healthy relationship will allow you to:

  • Manage your money effectively
  • Make better decisions around money
  • See that money is not the answer to your problems
  • Develop confidence in dealing with money and in your relationships with others

Are you looking to learn more about how to achieve a healthier relationship with money to reach all your goals – and more? Then join us on March 23rd where Money Mindset Coach Ilana Jankowitz will walk us through how we can get started in our journey to a better relationship with money.

Our speaker:

Based in Zurich, Ilana Jankowitz is a certified Money Mindset Coach, NLP Practitioner, and a happily married mum of two young adult children. She is the founder of Mindful Money Coaching, helping women in business unblock their money and increase their Magician Archetype.

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