Women’s participation in the investment world is constantly on the rise, but still limited. Due largely to entrenched gender norms, women are still reluctant to invest and largely believe they would perform worse than their male counterparts, although available data suggests otherwise.

What could be done differently to attract more female investors and to ensure equal gender representation in the investment community?

Learn the principles of angel investing with Alpine Angel Investors, a diverse, gender-balanced, supportive and trusted community whose goal is to invest together in innovative hi-tech startups to fuel economic growth and positively influence society by contributing to the UN 2030 SDGs, and increase diversity in the startup ecosystem by including more women in the angel investment community and encourage more investment in startups with female founders.



Sophie Neuhut, AAI co-founder and Secretary/Finance

After 20 years in Finance Marketing & Due Diligence, Sophie has built up over the past 4 years an active Angel portfolio. Moreover, for over a decade now she has been active in empowering women in the workplace and making a difference by supporting sustainable economics and minorities. Her motto: Promoting a sustainable and ethical way of living for all.


Caspar Horne, Ph.D. MBA, AAI founder and President

Caspar got his education at Delft in the Netherlands, at EPFL in Switzerland and at Wharton School of business in the USA. He worked 20 years in the Silicon Valley startup ecosystem, getting hands-on experience with in the ins and outs of startups. When he returned to Switzerland he became active as an angel investor, and has built up a portfolio of more than 15 startups. His passion is to help entrepreneurs found companies that have a positive impact on society, and to promote a more diverse startup ecosystem both among the investors, and among the founders.