Transform your style & preserve our planet!

Imagine having the most personalized & stylish wardrobe you’ve ever had…while helping to protect the earth and its people. Lisa Marie Armstrong, founder of THE SUSTAINABLE STYLE ACADEMY helps people change from overconsuming clothing into someone who consciously chooses to own clothing from a responsible, conscious mindset.

Join us on March 22 at 12pm, where she will tell us about the impact our clothing choices have, how we can start reconnecting to the things we own and learn to shop differently.


Lisa-Marie Armstrong:

A lover of stylish sustainable fashion, Lisa-Marie Armstrong has worked in multiple aspects of the fashion industry for over 30 years. She’s been a model, has a degree in Fashion Design and has managed retail stores for some of the world’s most prestigious luxury fashion houses.

As an image consultant, her passion mission is to help people create a new way to love their clothes and develop their style while slowing down their rate of consumption.

The Sustainable Style Academy was founded as an online platform that brings her closet and habit shifting methodology to people around the world.


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