Melanie Aeregger
With over 15 years of professional experience, thereof 5 years in C-level positions, Melanie has a profound know-how in establishing and growing businesses on both, the strategic and operational levels. As COO, she has driven the growth of Biotech company InSphero from 20 to 65 people and as CFO/COO the growth of MedTech company VirtaMed from 75 to over 110 people. On top, she has successfully raised funding from investors and banks of more than CHF 23m during these last two positions.
Prior to these positions, Melanie has worked several years as a strategy consultant as well as a project manager for the international introduction of a novel medical device.
She also received the Women’s Business Award in the Category “Health” for her achievements and enjoys mentoring and coaching young future female leaders.
Melanie holds a BA in Business Administration and an MBA from the University of St.Gallen, Switzerland.
As she is creating her own venture, Melanie will share her journey and why she is jumping into the cold water without any safety net.