At 7 pm on February 20th 2020 in Cognac « La Forge », 10 place Bayard (place de la Poste) Valérie Grondin will share with us both the clinical and experimental parts of art therapy in a mini workshop.
Valerie is a painter and designer, trained in the school of applied arts Olivier de Serres ENSAAMA in Paris. She worked for 12 years for LVMH and 3 other years in the field of marketing and communications.
After a career in managing the visual identity of major groups, she turned her expertise and arts to accompany people in important phases of their professional and personal lives. Through her therapy, she provides support for major illnesses, depression, burn-outs and grief , by helping people to reconnect with movement , both physical and psychological, in their lives. She also works with people in therapeutic part-time in their companies, to reconnect with their professional lives.
We will be pleased to share this event with you and we look forward your participation !
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