Féminin Pluriel Méditerranée is delighted to invited you on Wednesday February 26th from 7p.m. to an Encounter with the great master of pattern and light Vincent Bioulès

The landscapes of the south of France are at the heart of the work of the Montpellier painter Vincent Bioulès, in particular thanks to the light, so singular to his work which stands as the “main character” in his canvas.
A large part of Bioulès’s work is devoted to the representation of landscapes from his native land, such as the lagunas located between Montpellier and the sea, and the Pic Saint-Loup mountain which he also particularly likes.
Bioulès likes to say that “we remember another place, a past that haunts our soul and whose landscape is the metaphor”.
Wednesday February 26th from 7 p.m.
Terminal # 1
1408 Avenue de la mer
34000 Montpellier
Conference followed by a cocktail reception
Members only
Price: 55 €
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