On Tuesday 15/11, FPL is pleased to welcome you for a‘conference dinner followed by an immersive debate on the growing importance of mediation in business held by Dr Jan  Kayser.

Jan Kayser is in charge of The Centre of Civil and Commercial Mediation (CMCC). The institution is specialised in the field of civil and commercial mediation as defined in article 1251-2 (1) of the New Code of Civil Procedure.The CMCC is in charge of the mediation process for the resolution of conflicts for citizens and companies within the framework of the settlement of their civil, commercial or social disputes through the negotiated procedure.

This conference will particularly focus on business mediation. Its 3 objectives will be described and key processes will be documented. Jan Kayser is Approved Mediator by the Minister of Justice and Approved Mediator by the CMCC.

As usual a private dinner room will be reserved for us to discuss together in all intimacy this very important and valuable organization impemented in Luxembourg.