Special visit of Hôtel particulier Bouctôt Vagniez with Féminin Pluriel Hauts-de-France

The Hotel Bouctôt Vagniez, commissioned by the young spouses Marie-Louise Vagniez and André Bouctôt in 1906, was delivered to them by the architect Louis Duthoit in 1911. He not only drew all the plans, cuts and elevations of the building but also its decoration and most of its furniture, all in pure Art Nouveau style. Thanks to the exceptional quality of its decorations, its homogeneity and the condition of its last, the whole is classified as a historical monument in 1994, both for the building, the garden and for the furniture.

In 1973, the Hotel Bouctôt Vagniez became the property of the Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry which used it as a regional headquarters for many years (an extension was inaugurated in the south in 2012). In 2018, the Hotel is purchased by Compagnie de Phalsbourg with the plan to transform the property into a luxury hotel of forty rooms including a spa, a gastronomic restaurant as well as seminar spaces.


Enjoy a private tour before the construction starts in January…


Au plaisir de vous y retrouver…            Looking forward to seeing you…

Sophie PAGAN SEDJAI, Présidente/ President,

Elisabeth BARBIER, Vice Présidente / Vice-President,

Sandra AELION, Secrétaire / Secretary,
Delphine CHINI SEGARA, Trésorière / Treasurer,
Sonia DELVAUX POCHOLLE, Vice Présidente Picardie / Vice-President Picardy.