Dinner conference debate « People don’t leave jobs, they leave toxic cultures» at Féminin Pluriel Hauts-de-France

Nathalie Riesen Nathalie Riesen works with victims of toxic relationships: harassment, manipulation, psychological violence, burn out, boroout…

Sophrologist, PNL coach, hypnotherapist, certified in psychosocial support, psychology of the emergency department, she collaborates with doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers and stakeholders.

It is not work overload that defines the toxicity rate of a workplace, it is the way in which the framework of authority is laid down, the needs of each are respected, whose problems are dealt with and whose communication is practiced…

Psychosocial risks are directly related to work organisation. We have to act upstream, define norms of behaviour, promote mutual aid and solidarity.


Au plaisir de vous y retrouver…            Looking forward to seeing you…

Sophie PAGAN SEDJAI, Présidente/ President,

Elisabeth BARBIER, Vice Présidente / Vice-President,

Sandra AELION, Secrétaire / Secretary,
Delphine CHINI SEGARA, Trésorière / Treasurer,
Sonia DELVAUX POCHOLLE, Vice Présidente Picardie / Vice-President Picardy.