“ From private to social entrepreurship, skills mobilized and meaning given ”

Ericka Cogne, 37, is already well known in the social and solidarity economy for her energy and power of conviction.

She started her career in a conventional way as a consultant in strategy at Accenture, but this agent of change wanted to give her career a solidarity dimension, moving 2 years in Asia to develop an educational non-profit organization: Passerelles Numériques. It is then difficult for her to return
to classical business …

At 27, Ericka took over the management of the Foundation Accenture at the national level and then at the global level. Although she spent 6 years largely developing the Foundation Accenture, whose influence and impact we know well, she just wanted to go more out the field.

In 2016, she took the opportunity to take over the management of the Institut Télémaque to deploy the model more widely . “Education? A priority, and above all equal opportunities; it’s a lung, the air of tomorrow for our society ! “.

For 3 years, Ericka Cogne has tripled the number of partner companies of the association.