Feminin Pluriel Hamburg, the global women’s network, is delighted to invite you to an evening with Corinna Busch on 3 December in the Literaturhaus Hamburg at 7.30 pm.

On this evening Corinna Busch will present her newly published book “A Dozen Dates (original German title “Ein Dutzend Dates”).

In this book, the former editor of the Harald Schmidt Show and Alof Grimme Award winner will chat amusingly about her dating experiences as the best ager single woman. A chapter is dedicated to each of the 12 dates. The astrologer Klaus Zepp lets the stars speak before every date and Corinna Busch uses the opportunity to weave in some anecdotes she has experienced in the last 20 years in cooperation with celebrities in an entertaining way.

Is it frightening that a single woman in her mid-forties gets to know remarkable men and experiences a lot of weird stories while dating online?

Is the generation of war grandchildren not capable of relationships? All narcissism?

In the reflective second part of the book, Corinna Busch, with the help of psychological experts, discusses some of the questions that have been coming to her for years:

Why are dating portals so successful today?

Is online dating a hot spot for narcissists?

Can’t we find a partner offline anymore?

Is our society becoming more and more narcissistic?

Is the generation of war grandsons not capable of relationships?

Why do more and more people feel lonely?


Interviews with Dr. Marie-France Hingoyen (Paris), Dr. Mafred Nelting (Bonn), Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert (Munich) provide interesting insights into changes in our social interaction.


Corinna Busch was born on 14 December 1973. From 1999 to December 2003, she was press spokeswoman and head of the online editorial department at Harald Schmidt. She founded Corinna Busch mediennetzwerk at the beginning of 2004.

Since July 2007 she is active with a stargebot Charity portal – star for charity – www.stargebot.de together with Reinhard Schmidt, brother of Harald Schmidt.

Today she owner and CEO of media for people (Bonn) www.mediaforpeople.de

She currently lives in Paris and Bonn.

Corinna studied law at the University of Bonn as well as communication and rhetoric at the University of Bochum; she was an administrative employee in the Federal Chancellery; she is trained in systemic coaching and is a mediator.


FP Hamburg, evening with

Corinna Busch

3 December at 7.30 pm

at Literaturhaus Hamburg, Schwanenwik 38