FEMININ PLURIEL HAMBURG is delighted to welcome you after this great summer and to invite you to our next speech at :

@ Strandperle – Private Lounge – Övelgönne 60 – 22605 Hamburg.

Feminin Pluriel Hamburg inspiring speakers and guests for this interesting speech about an innovative topic on Medecine & Health. The event is open to members, member’s friends who are interested and wonderful women who would like to get introduced to our club.

KORINNA EBSEN & EMILIA HERTING Take us to a short journey into the world of genecology from the perspective of integrative / Holistic Medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Have their own explanations, diagnosis and treatments. These often differ from those in conventional gynecology.

Integrative Medicine (IM) takes account of the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle.  Together with the approach of traditional Chinese Medicine, it encompasses the human being as a whole individual and takes into consideration our physical body, mind and spirit. This means that our health should not be just the absence of disease, but the feeling of wholeness, balance and resilience.

About Emilia Herting
Master of traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine,

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