Rethinking leadership.

The country needs new heroines*.

18 June, 2019 at LITERATURHAUS, 7.30 pm

Everywhere people like you and me are very unhappy with the world we live in. We demand more climate protection, the preservation of Europe, more openness to diversity and the courage to change.

But it is precisely in Germany that change is virtually non-existent. Why?

We are doing well. We have a lot to lose. And yet: things cannot go on like this. According to a study by the University of Berlin, the Germans worldwide are the ones who least want change, but are best at it. But we, who think ahead, also know that we can no longer live according to the motto “Wash me, but don’t wet me”. So let’s roll up our sleeves and change the world together.

What is the best way to start? Where do I have a lever? Can I do that at all? The communications and leadership expert Christiane Brandes-Visbeck will be illuminating this topic with us. Her thesis is: “Think big. Act small. Start now. In order to motivate people in their professional and private contexts to begin their “heroic journey” (according to J. Campbell) from the world of commercial exploitation known to us to the unknown world of a more sustainable and more humane future, Christiane has developed a tool that, like a navigator, helps to define one’s own goal and not to lose sight of it.The former TV producer, online editor-in-chief and current managing partner of Ahoi Innovationen GmbH provides impulses for leadership, work organization and diversity. She gives keynotes, organizes workshops and accompanies companies and organizations on all aspects of digitization that result in the change of people and our society. Their goal is that everyone understands how to manage digital transformation for the benefit of our democratic society.

Christiane has published two books to increase reach.

In “Network beats Hierarchy. Neue Führung mit Digital Leadership” (2017) with co-author Ines Gensinger encourages decision-makers to rethink leadership.