Dis-regulation  of the immune system can lead to more than a simple cough or cold. In  the current climate of coronavirus it’s imperative we do all we can to  boost and build our body’s resilience. 
In this workshop delivered by Laurie Dicosola, nutritionist, discover symptoms and causes  of low immunity and learn how to build your immune system back to full  working order with the help of nutrient dense foods and daily practices. 
Laurie Dicosola is a  qualified nutritionist  and a MB-EAT practitioner and instructor trained through the Mindful Eating Training based in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Over the past 20 years, she had an international career within fashion and then pharmaceutical industry.
Then, she decided to dedicate her business to well being through nutrition and mindfulness. 
Her method is all about making people taking care of themself, accept themself, understand what they really need, and develop inner wisdom to meet those needs in a healthy way.