“Women who boosted their careers during Covid”

International Womens’ Day

March 8, 2022 from 6:45 to 7:45PM


Online conference, moderated by Pavel Jakovlev,Managing Partner at Ancore

They made bold professional moves in spite of the challenges: Created a company

or an NGO, changed industry, raised funds to grow a business or went back to

school to launch a new career.

Join us and meet 6 incredibly resilient and creative FemininPluriel women who beat the odds of Covid to thrive and grow



BelkissSaidi Vidal, FP Geneve, switched gears a few years before Covid from

finance/bank corporate to be a sales manager in Luxury goods. She was hired

by Piaget Geneva where she is now leading the flagship rue du Rhone. Belkiss

had to think out of the box when Covid hit to keep interest of her clients and

compensate for the loss of Piaget international buyers (Chinese and

GCC/Middle East).


Amanda de Castro – FP Italy, moved from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. came to Milan 4

years ago, learning a new language, dealing with the bureaucracy, and many

times facing sexism and prejudice. In 2020 I decided to create my own start-up,

a sustainable and female social impact swimwear brand, with the mission to

give work to indigenous artisans living in vulnerable and isolated communities.

It’s operating as e-commerce. I have two physical shops reselling my products.

Amandine Maroteaux- FP Paris,left a career as a lawyer to become interior

designer just before Covid; during Covid when everything was closing (shops,

restaurants..) she decided to open in Paris an hybrid showroom, office and

boutique, to showcase interior decor such as very popular cement tiles etc…

Not afraid by Covid she also decided to open a second boutique in Luxembourg.

She is very successful in both locations.


Catherine Lebrun- FP Luxemburg. In 2020, I made a 360 degree turn from the

world of finance and opened a space of “Arts, Objects and Sharing Place at

Impact.” It all started with a vintage armchair that I decided to upholster, It

was the trigger to pursue my passion for decorative scenographies. I found

this incredible former art gallery at the end of a secret alley, which is like a

small modern museum. Now the pluralistic concept I had in mind could



GiorgianaNuti – FP Amsterdam, moved from consulting in Consumer goods to a

scale-up in Fintech. Post my MBA I joined a consulting company focusing on

process transformation and outsourcing. When COVID hit the working hours and

stress levels increased exponentially. I am now the Chief of Staff of Mollie a

Fintech Scale Up. I took a leap of faith and moved from an 80,000 employees

established company to a 700 people scale-up.


Alexandra Humbel- FP Zürich, was a PR expert for travel and finance. The loss

of a big client, just before covid, was a wake-up call, as she was struggling to

find meaning in her job. She hired a coach to see if coaching had the power to

change lives. It did change hers. With a renewed sense of purpose, she joined

the Co-Active Training Institute. Now a coach specialized in career transitions,

she helps professionals figure out a fullfilling second act of life.