Our next Geneva event will take place Wednesday 21st february at the Richemond Hotel from noon to 2pm.

The robots are among us. Between phantasy and reality, we all have a special relationship to this object. What are the implications of this relationship, what are sociological and cognitive elements? Will we soon be dominated by them or will they be great tools that will increase human capabilities? Essential questions at a time when robots are more and more present and are about to take an increasingly important place in all areas of service.

To talk about it, we are honored to welcome Sophie Lacour, Doctor in Information and Communication Sciences, researcher, speaker and consultant. After a university career, she specializes in foresight especially in artificial intelligence and service robotics. She supports local authorities and businesses in projects related to digital. As a speaker, she writes articles and leads workshops on issues related to the future of service, customer relations and communication. Her collaboration included  BPI, SNCF, CCIP, DGE, SENAT, Netexplo, LAB POSTAL, CRT and CDT, TOTEC , SETO, Netmanager, Greater Paris, WCL, IFM TOP RESA, and Thomas COOK.