Feminin Pluriel Geneva organizes its Christmas lunch on Wednesday 12 December 2018 12:00 to 2:00pm with Louise Turrettini, Odile Naef and Anne-Marie Springer

To end the year in style, we have the privilege to welcome Louise Turrettini and Odile Naef, owners of the prestigious Domaine de Mont, two women representative of the vitality of women at the head of vineyards. Anne-Marie Springer will introduce us to her new book ” Dis-moi que tu m’aimes”, another way to see life through rose-colored glasses before we part for Holidays … and we get together again 2019.

Odile Naef and Louise Turrettini, a shared passion for wine

Odile Naef comes from the 4th generation of current owners, she is one of three owners with her brother and sister. She divides her time between her job as a doctor’s assistant and the management of the domain both financially and decision-making and manages the buildings related to the Château de Mont.

Louise Turrettini represents the 5th generation. Since returning to Geneva and having completed her studies abroad in international relations and diplomacy, she has been actively engaged in the future of the estate and its evolution while wishing to maintain the unique identity of the venue.

Located on the heights of Mont-sur-Rolle, Château de Mont is one of the oldest vineyards of the appellation. The domain has belonged since 1911 to the Naef family from Geneva. The vineyard now covers 13 hectares and enjoys a southern exposure. The grapes are chasselas, muscatel, gamay, pinot noir, gamaret, gallota and garanoir. The family is in charge of the promotion and management of the estate, while two winemakers grow the vines.


Anne-Marie Springer, a collection, a story of emotional connections

A link of infinite love between a mother and her daughter. How to say “I love you” … How to explain love except through these famous artists, poets, painters, singers, writers, crowned heads who felt it and dared to leave a trace. No matter the author, only the emotion speaks. Connections from the desire that is born between Anne-Marie, or rather Cooky, and a letter from Napoleon to Josephine, then the first acquisition of the letter of Juliette Drouet to Victor Hugo. It marked the beginning of the collection, 50 years of love marked by more than ten thousand letters. A love bond between Cooky and her collection. A bond of love between authors and their beloved – filial, maternal, paternal, passionate, carnal, friendly love, an intimate relationship that dares to remain exposed to the reading of indiscreet eyes. Cooky invited us to discover her collection twice in her magic attic, telling us about the authors as well as the recipients, their environments, their frames, their moments of life. Our friend Cooky has just released a sweet love letters book that we will discover.