By Pierre Rabhi

” I have had countless occasions to admire the engagement with which women fulfill their social commitments, and this decisive attitude is obviously a source of hope for the future ». ”

It is an honor to welcome Pierre Rabhi, who kindly joins us to meet Feminin Pluriel Geneva.

Algerian-French farmer, writer and thinker, Pierre Rabhi is one of the pioneers of ecological agriculture. He advocates a society more respectful of human beings and the of the earth, and supports the development of agricultural practices accessible to all and especially to the most deprived, while preserving the nourishing patrimonies. Since 1981, he has passed on his know-how to Africa and Europe, seeking to restore food self-sufficiency to the population. He is now celebrated as an international expert on food security and has participated in the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification.

Pierre Rabhi calls for “the insurrection of consciences” to federate humanity’s best and stop making our paradise planet a hell of suffering and destruction. Faced with the failure of the general condition of mankind and the considerable damage inflicted on Nature, he invites us to break out of the myth of indefinite growth, realize the vital importance of our nourishing earth and to inaugurate a new ethic of life based on “happy sobriety”.

Pierre Rabhi created many structures, born from his own initiative or ideas such as the Movement ”Colibris” and the ”Fonds de Dotation Pierre Rabhi”. He is demanded for conferences and media appearances all over the world, and has published more than twenty books.

Our moderator for this meeting will be Chantal de Senger, journalist at Bilan and Léman Bleu.

Where ? Richemond Hotel, Rue Adhémar-Fabri 8-10, 1201 Geneva

When ? Tusday 17th April 2018, from noon to 2pm