Five years already! Let’s celebrate together the anniversary of the creation of Feminin Pluriel Geneva

Exactly 5 years ago, the first Féminin Pluriel Geneva luncheon brought together the two founders, Shaila-Ann and Alexandra, accompanied by six pioneers, around our first guest, Myret Zaki, editor-in-chief of Bilan. It was at the restaurant Le Fil du Temps, a place that we found highly strategic because the Pont de la Machine is the border between the Rhône and Lake Geneva and a bridge between the two banks.

If the Le Fil du Temps proved quickly impracticable – our lively discussions (already) disturbed our table neighbors – we have fond memories of it. Thank you to Myret for accepting our invitation for this unknown and nascent club. We are proud especially that the symbol of the bridge between two banks did not leave us. Connecting women of hearts and minds is core to our mission.

Feminin Pluriel Geneva has grown. It is today one of the most flourishing clubs of the FP Global network, created 27 years ago by Béatrice Lanson-Villat, soon joined by Marianne de Souza.

Faithful to the spirit they instilled in us, we continue our development by nourishing the same values of solidarity and friendship turned towards action.

Feminin Pluriel Geneva continues to grow thanks to enlarged and dynamic Board, led by Béril, who mobilized energies, not only within the Board but far beyond, to organize a Congress at the upmost level. Thank you to all those who opened their address books and continue to give their time to make this event a success.

It has been very often your request to have the time to get to know each other better. Here we are but we will give the word to one of us for few minutes as her path is very inspiring and serves as an example to many of us. We will also update you with the latest of the Congress and take the time to talk about the future, our desires and our ambitions for the club. Our goal is that Feminin Pluriel is even more a place of connection and fulfillment for each of us.

Do not hesitate to prepare your questions and suggestions!

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