For our next lunch, we are pleased to welcome two talented writers : Catherine Monroy and Laure Mi Hyun Croset at the Richemond Hotel, from noon to 2pm

About Catherine Monroy : She had several lives. Journalist for ten years – correspondent for the Eastern Countries of Figaro in Budapest, and the World in Prague, screenwriter for French television for twenty years, she is also a writer. Her first novel, « Gentil Coquelicot », was released (by JC Lattes) in 2004. She is also co-author with Hélène van Weel of « English our enemies of always » (Larousse 2013), a humorous book which traces the fierce rivalry between the French and the British since the famous battle of Hastings in 1066. She also committed an erotic novel, « My dear trainee », under the pseudonym Anouk Laclos (Calmann-Lévy 2015, publication pocket 2016) She has lent her pen for two autobiography: Girl fight (Presses de la Cité 2013), the redemption of a young woman who went through prison and became an instigator, Chantal Thomass meaning under it (Éditions Michel Lafon 2017), the flamboyant career of a fashion designer, popesse de la lingerie. She presents us « The Prince Charming exists, I invented him », a romantic comedy published by Pygmalion on June 13, 2018. She also runs writing workshops in Paris within the association Le Labo des histoires


About Laure Mi Hyun Croset : Columnist for art journals, Laure Mi Hyun Croset has published collections of short stories, including Polaroids, which received the Eve prize from the Académie romande 2012. She lives in Geneva. « Le Beau Monde » is his first novel.

At the grand wedding of Louise and Charles-Constant, it’s amazement : The bride has vanished. The fiance’s very classy family, however, can not imagine sending the three hundred handpicked guests among the best of the aristocracy and the upper middle classes of Lyon and Geneva, and decides that the party will still take place.

Thanks to the agapes and bubbles of champagne, languages ​​are loosened. In turn, the guests recount their meeting with Louise and make the absentee’s trial : Why did this girl from the brook give up a sumptuous future ?

Between gossip, misunderstanding, social prejudices, hasty judgments, difficult to get an idea of ​​Louise, turn, treacherous, seductive, manipulative and pure-hearted princess. Alcohol flows and the ceremony turns to the gallant party, but who will come out grown up in this game of massacre ?