To start the new year, we have the honor of bringing together Françoise de Toledo and François Niforos. Two personalities from the medical world who, while working in different fields, propose innovative approaches that could well influence the medicine of tomorrow. The lunch will take place on  thursday 25th January at the Richemond Hotel, from noon to 2 pm.

At the age of 18, Dr. Françoise Wilhelmi de Toledo discovered fasting and devoted her life to this specialty and to the development of what is called Integrative Medicine.

With over thirty-five years of personal experience in Buchinger Wilhelmi clinics and through the Amplius 7 fasting weeks program, Dr. Wilhelmi de Toledo will share a unique knowledge of fasting and food strategies that are currently experiencing renewed interest.

Among her many publications, her book “The Art of Fasting – Manual of Fast Therapy”, published in an updated edition in 2013, exists in 4 languages and is regularly reissued.

Cosmetic surgery today suffers from a picture a little too tacky and even sulphurous in the eyes of many women who yet dream of mitigating the effects of aging.

According to Dr. François Niforos, cosmetic surgery is above all ethical. As the eldest “daughter” of reconstructive surgery, it is often ahead by making the most of its scientific advances. It is the leading figure in numerous lrecent medical innovations, including regenerative medicine and tissue engineering.

It also allows patients of all ages to solve a real existential problem, sometimes thanks to a single hour of surgery.

But one must conceive this true medical specialty only in a non-commercial regulatory framework, the opposite of an ”uberisation” trend that will conquer the medical field soon if we are not careful.

As a philosophical, scientific and economic subject at the same time, cosmetic surgery plays its role of scout in the medical field.