Féminin Pluriel Geneva is delighted to welcome Celine Van Till Ambassador for the Disabled, Author and Speaker.

It all started with a fall. Celine van Till was 17 years old. she had just joined the Swiss junior training center. During an internship in Germany, his horse pitched up and fell on it. she stayed a month in a coma.
In a book, “Step by Step,” she recounted her slow coma, confusion, anger, the terrible relearning of everything: talking, walking, holding a spoon. she will tell us how the horses, who almost killed her, allowed her to come back to life

Celine van Till defies the impossible. From riding to athletics, valid and disabled, she runs from one extreme to another. Boredom does not exist. The surprises are waiting. The limits are questioned. An elite sportswoman and a Bachelor in Marketing Management, she is Ambassador for the Disabled, Author and Speaker.

Reference : https://blogs.letemps.ch/celine-van-till/ site internet www.celinevantill.ch