Rani Valerie Chatel:

Sophrologist, coach and psychotherapist, she also teaches mindfulness meditation. She has specialised in Mindful Eating and is completing a training course in sustainable living foods. Her skills are there to help you make peace with food.

With 20 years of experience, she accompanies many people in individual and group sessions and on retreats: Detox Mindful Eating and Nature is her teacher.


The programme

This practical workshop is open to anyone who wishes to (re)connect to the art of mindful eating. At a time of fast food, “going faster” and screens, how to get back to the basics, to the pleasure of the senses and the benefits for our body and our health.

During this workshop, we will dive into the heart of our sensations through full bodily and emotional presence.

We will focus on the present moment through meditation and breathing.

Then we will explore our 5 senses in full awareness, smell, savour, listen, feel, admire, touch, discover the art of eating to satisfy the 10 kinds of hunger… Do you know them?


The benefits

  • Stop eating your emotions
  • Stop the automatic pilot
  • Learn to slow down, take breaks
  • Get rid of irrepressible cravings, compulsions
  • Find serenity and joy with food
  • Highlighting our conditionings
  • Take care of yourself, learn to love yourself


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Atelier Mindful Eating ou L’art de manger en pleine conscience Billets, Le ven 18 mars 2022 à 12:30 | Eventbrite