Feminin Pluriel, the global women’s network, is delighted to invite you to a an evening with Reina-Flor Okori, 4 times Olympic athlete, keynote speaker and talent & performance amplificator.

During this session, Reina will share the key factor for high performance and talent mastery based on her 23 years of being a top performer.  The soft-skills of sport that are required for great leadership roles in a career. You will get an insight into the best-kept secrets for extraordinary health and how to bio-hack yourself how to stand for your values as a brand or in the labor market to reach your goals and make an impact and finally, she will discuss the challenge of reinventing yourself and bouncing back after a long period of time.


After nearly twenty-five years as a professional athlete, Reina-Flor wanted the lessons she had learned to sink in. Over a period of ten years she wrote in a journal what she had learned and how sports have formed her in being the person that she is today.

Her core purpose is to create a transformational shift in the human conscientiousness around the concept of high performance and talent mastery, using her values as an Olympic athlete and sport soft-skills to unleash, unlock and upgrade lives and careers.


“Talent growth goes from learning to practising to mastery to teaching.”


Please RSVP to amsterdam@femininpluriel.org by 20 February 2020.