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the transformative power of the living quality of art

“All arts create symbols for a level of reality which cannot be reached in any other way. A picture and a poem reveal elements of reality which cannot be approached scientifically. In the creative work of art, we encounter reality in a dimension which is closed for us without such works.” Paul Tillich (philosopher)


What happens when we look at art?

When we look at art, we think we have to say something intelligent about it and also if we like it or not. As if there is no experience without liking it or not.  We seek for meaning because we can’t help ourselves. It’s how we are used to look at reality and in that same way we often approach art. We immediately judge, give value to it and compare it. We are all part of this dualistic world.


The spiritual in Art

While looking at a painting of van Gogh in the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam many years ago, I all of sudden felt an enormous life force and deep joy in myself. It felt as a shock to me. It was as if I was shaken by it, awakened by it. It gave me a very intimate relationship to the artist and his work that still lasts after all those years.


Since then I have been researching this subject, the spiritual in art. And my lack of aliveness and intimacy with life without being aware of this. It made me question my own relationship to art and life.


The divine is available in art. We can become aware of this aspect of art through the connection we make with the piece of art. It’s as if you make love to the piece of art, be in the light of that moment and connecting deeply with it.


My work aims in that direction. To bring a new way to connect with art and life around us and ultimately with ourselves. It’s interactive and experiential.


Discover the divine in Art

During this interactive lecture/ mini workshop I will take you into this new territory of the spiritual in art. You will learn how to connect with art in a different way, which will nourish you, broaden your horizon and above all give you a new sense of being alive.

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About Kitty Folmer

After her graduation and obtaining a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam (1998) Kitty wanted to acquire a deeper understanding of healing of mind, body and soul. Since then she has been trained in a wide variety of healing modalities which changed her view on reality completely. Besides her healing practice, her passion for art has always been active. Here is where she finds inspiration and nourishment. Whilst studying History of Art for a while, it was in a moment of her mystical experience in front of a painting at the van Gogh museum that she fully understood that there is a deep connection between art and the spiritual teachings she had received. During her research she found out that it’s still an unexplored territory in both fields. This led to the development of her innovative workshop Art is Alive. So Are You. © Kitty runs a successful energetic therapy practice ( and is an inspiring workshop facilitator. Art is Alive. So Are You.© is based in Amsterdam (

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