FP Côte d’Azur is pleased to welcome Charlotte Husson.
An Instagram experience from Sézane to Fighting Kit
In the remission of a serious cancer, this thirty-year-old freelance illustrator and stylist, famous for launching the e-shop and Appartement Sézane a few years ago, shared her daily life on Instagram before becoming the founder of the Start-up social and solidarity “Mister K fighting Kit”, a box beauty and well-being for women suffering from cancer and gathering kits of indispensable to accompany the fighters of the disease with gentleness and dignity.

Date and time:  Friday 30th june 2017 from12:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m

Place : Hotel Belles-Rives, 33 boulevard Edouard Baudoin, 06160 Antibes