Féminin Pluriel Luxembourg is pleased to invite you to a guided tour of the Court of Justice of the European Union.

The visit will take place in two parts, the order of which will be confirmed by the Visits Service:

– firstly, a presentation of the institution (the Court) and the impact of its case-law in European society, by Stanislas Adam, Adelaide’s husband, referendum for the President of the CJEU. (45 min-1h)

– then a guided tour of the CJEU’s private collection of works of art representative of the European artistic heritage. The spaces offered by the new Palais de la Cour, inaugurated in 2008, made it possible to highlight this collection (1:15).

When ? June 28 at 11am sharp

Where ? CJUE: Entrance visitors Rue Léon HAMMES. (perpendicular to Boulevard Konrad Adenauer)

Parking: Philarmony or Mudam or Philarmonie tram stop


We remind you that it is important to comply with the strict rules of the CJEU.

Formalities to be completed before the visit:

It is necessary for security reasons and for the preparation of badges of

– fill out the CJEU form on this link https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/ARTtour2019 by mentioning at the end in “Others”: “I am part of the group FEMININ PLURIEL”.

– have an ID available

– it is possible to print the request